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Log In Instructions

For this site the Student ID is always your Social Security Number.

If you are a first time applicant at Corban, you will be able to access this site after receiving an initial award notice from us by mail or email.

If this is your first time logging in, enter your Social Security Number in the Student ID field then click on the “First Time User” link in the Log In box and follow the instructions from there to create a PIN. Then use that PIN to log in.

If you have logged in before and have forgotten your PIN (or if the first time user option is not working for you) click on the “Forgot your PIN” link in the Log In box and follow those instructions to create a new PIN. Then use that PIN to log in.

In almost every situation, either the “Forgot your PIN” or the “First Time User” process will allow you to get logged in.

Welcome to Corban Financial Aid Online!

This site allows you to:

· view your aid amounts

· accept your aid

· view messages

· see what documents may be needed to complete your file

· download necessary documents

· view scheduled and actual disbursements