Log In Instructions

Under NO circmustances should a parent create a log-in and manage awards on behalf of the student.

First Time Users:  Set up your account. Enter your Student ID Number. If you have not been assigned a Student ID Number, Enter your Social Security Number (No dashes or spaces) as your Student ID Number. Create a Password and establish security questions. Then log in using your Student ID Number (or Social Security Number) and new password.

Current students: Log in with your nine-digit Student ID Number (includes preceding zeros, no dashes or spaces).

Passwords: Your aid.corban.edu account will lock after 3 failed log-in attempts, if this happens email financialaid@corban.edu to request your account be unlocked. Keep your password information in a safe place that you can refer back to if necessary.

Logged in before but forgot Password: Create a new password.

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This site allows you to:

  • View your aid amounts
  • Accept/decline financial aid awards
  • Recieve messages from the financial aid office
  • Track the status of documents needed to complete your financial aid eligibility
  • Download required documents
  • Link to Federal Student Aid requirements
  • View scheduled and actual disbursements

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