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Access granted AFTER you receive a Financial Aid Award Notice

New Students: Log in with the password you created, using your  Social Security Number  (No dashes or spaces) as your Student ID. The financial aid office will send an email to new freshman, transfer students, and new graduate students when Student ID numbers are available for use on aid.corban.edu

Current students: LOG IN REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN CHANGED! Log in with your nine-digit  Student ID Number  (includes preceding zeros, no dashes or spaces) and Password.

First Time Users:  Set up your account. Enter your Social Security Number  (No dashes or spaces) as your Student ID. Create a Password and establish security questions. Then log in using your Social Security Number and new password.

Logged in before but forgot Password: Create a new password. If you are a new student use your Social Security Number as your Student ID.


Welcome to Corban Financial Aid Online!

This site allows you to:

  • View your aid amounts
  • Accept/decline financial aid awards
  • Recieve messages from the financial aid office
  • Track the status of documents needed to complete your financial aid eligibility
  • Download required documents
  • Lnk to Federal Student Aid requirements
  • View scheduled and actual disbursements

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